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This book covers almost everything about the fun, pleasure, enjoyment and the artistic creation and business of music and dance including jobs.The seventeen volumes about the business and pleasure of music and dance are as follows:Volume 1. The Music BizVolume 2. Music Jobs, Music CareersVolume 3. Music Industry ResourcesVolume 4. Canada Music IndustryVolume 5. Music Education Guide, Formal, Informal, Online, by Ear, etc.Volume 6. Musical Instrument BasicsVolume 7. Music Equipment GuideVolume 8. Music For SaleVolume 9. Dance Knowledge & Job GuideVolume 10. Music for Fun & EntertainmentVolume 11. Get Music From the InternetVolume 12. Basic Music TopicsVolume 13. Radio GuideVolume 14. The Many Types of Music 1Volume 15. The Many Types of Music 2Volume 16. Master Website List of Music around the WorldVolume 17. Master Website List of U.S. Music by StateThe way to make it in the music biz is to create magic in the music you write or play. How rare is this? How many great songs can you name?My music appreciation is primal. It's about what the music makes me feel when I hear it for the first time and succeeding times after that. Does it instill any powerful feelings within me or is it just more of that generic pablum that's going across the mainstream airwaves all the time as a matter of marketing course?Does it have some melody or purity of sound to it? Does it take me away to some transcendent place? Does it move my emotions? Does it have great lyrics? Was there a lot of secondary mixing in the background to make it a truly extraordinary, sophisticated masterpiece? If you’re a musician trying to make it in the music biz, you have no choice but to culture or create what the marketing heads call a brand. The people in Arcade Fire are touted as cool avante garde, alternative musicians but that’s not who they really are. That’s their brand. They’re really just ordinary people playing music but they have to create a a mytholgy about themselves, a fake emotionally-coated outer layer that appeals to young people looking for an identity.They’re selling a lifestyle identity because it’s young people who support them financially. Young people are looking for an identity to muckle onto for awhile while they’re young, insecure and stupid.Nothing has changed for tween and teen girls with their teen idols. I was listening to a CBC radio show about obsessions. Some girl comes on and says Shawn Mendez is her obsession so I look the guy up to see some skinny kid being touted as a heart-throb. It’s all marketing.Disney is huge in marketing tween and teen pop idols.Nowadays it’s not like the old days when your record collection in your apartment was supposed to be a conversation piece as to how cool you were but nowadays everything is on a computer tablet.I think it’s 50-50 music and image. To me, Empire of the Sun has great music. The guy dresses up like the old aboriginis worshipping the sun with their dream-time but a lot of guys think the head-dress and eye make-up is faggy. He’s respecting the old culture but most people don’t get it.The music is one thing.The image is another thing.Very rarely do you achieve great success with just one of the two.Some people would argue that ugly duckling Susan Boyle has no image. It’s just her music that is selling her CDs but the truth is that she was marketed as the ugly duckling come from nowhere, never been kissed, be a big star. You can probably see the reruns on interview this middle-aged ugly woman before the auditions. It’s kind of like it was all planned out. The producers know that human stories sell the show. They need to find underdogs then create a loose storyline around them.They start out with laughing contempt but then Simon Cowell has his mouth open in amazement. I believe everything was planned.

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Music Industry: Be a Working Musician, Pop Star, etc. Epub

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