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Will it popular to accept to use any artificial intelligent vehicles? Is it possible to apply AI non-manual driving technology to AI non-manual driving transportation tools global transportation market? For example, in (AI) non-manual vehicle industry, driving automatic vehicle whether it will be accepted to drivers who have confidence to drive it on roads safely. Whether artificial (AI) intelligent non-manual driving systems are the improvement of traffic safety, reduction of energy consumption or improvement of the comfort of the driver. Whether will it be popular to accept to apply artificial intelligent non-manual driving technology from non-manual auto driving cars to be applied to any non-manual auto driving transportation tools transportation market development, such as train, tram, lorry, transportation air plane, passenger air plane, ferry, taxi, MTR. Etc. different kinds of transportation tools? If future human accepts to use any non-manual driving vehicles or non-manual driving transportation tools, what advantages and disadvantages will bring to influence our daily life. How if (AI) non-manual auto driving technology stage is mature to achieve non-manual driving technology is safe driving. It is possible that (AI) non-manual driving cars can influence to change whole manual driving transportation tools to non-manual driving transportation tools. How it will influence (AI) autonomous cars change to influence global manual driving transportation industry development ? To achieve non-manual driving industry development success. (AI) non-manual driving vehicle manufacturers need to ensure (AI) driving system is more safe to drive to compare manual driving on the road. If they expect non-manual driving transportation market development success. So, self improving systems are a promising new approach to developing artificial intelligence. But will their behavior be predictable? Can will be sure that they will behave as we intended even after many generations of self improvement? This book can present a framework for answering any questions concern whether future non-manual driving transportation market will be possible success.

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