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Childhood bestfriends Yaz'mine Smith and Tiffanie Jones only want two things in life; to graduate from college and to become successful. With their minds focused on the end goal, everything is going according to plan for the duo until a chance meeting with a new love interest changes their lives forever. After quickly learning that their road to success wont be as easy as they thought it would be, Yaz'mine and Tiffanie try to balance the daunting task of finishing school and starting their careers while being in committed relationships. Will the close bond that Yaz'mine and Tiffanie share survive when secrets and lies are uncovered or will the truth cause a rift in their friendship that will be too hard to fix?

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Inviting your ex-spouse for the holidays might not be a good idea. Especially when folks don’t know you were married before. Carolina quit her job and for the first time...

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We've added some oomph to our beloved Fill in the Love (TM) Journals. With a scaled-up size and a sprinkling of new content, plus fancy foil stamping and a giftable box,...

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Meaningful and moving - the classic million-copy bestselling love story from Cecelia Ahern.Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mates. But not Holly and...

Has to Be Love Falco Epub

Years ago, Clara survived a vicious bear attack. She's used to getting sympathetic looks around town, but meeting strangers is a different story. Yet her dreams go far beyond...

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FRIENDSHIP? FORGET IT! Mei Tachibana has no friends-and she doesn't need them! Ever since her "friends" betrayed her in elementary school, she's sworn off friendship...

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Polar Bear and Cub explore the beauty of their home in the Arctic as the seasons change. Throughout the journey, Polar Bear reassures Cub that no matter what changes occur in...

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