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See Economics in Action!In a world full of volatility, uncertainty and conflicting approaches, this market leading, concise text in introductory economics looks at the key economic issues of today and helps you make sense of them.  This new edition has been updated with the most recent data and coverage of economic issues such as growth, unemployment, the environment, Brexit and behavioural economics. Its classic features and clear, engaging writing style are complemented by strong theoretical basis and a wealth of pedagogical features to support learning. Expect real-life examples, case studies, questions and problems to guide your understanding.  Always up-to-date! The Sloman Economics News SiteMake use of the leading student-friendly blog that’s updated several times a month with news and topical stories, all linked to your textbook chapters, so you can understand current affairs more deeply. New! Access additional resources on the open Companion WebsiteThe website is full of supporting material such as threshold concepts, audio animations, case studies, web appendices, glossary, flashcards and answers to selected questions from the book. This book can also be supported by a premium homework and assessment system, MyLab Economics. Learn more inside.

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Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) highlight the potential of this technology to affect productivity, growth, inequality, market power, innovation, and employment. This...

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Bifacial photovoltaic (PV) modules are able to utilize light from both sides and can therefore significantly increase the electric yield of PV power plants, thus reducing the...

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Financial identity theft is well understood with clear underlying motives. Medical identity theft is new and presents a growing problem. The solutions to both problems...

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