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The objective of this book is to provide background information drawn from the international literature on sexual exploitation and prostitution and its impact on gender equality in relation to the reports of Unicef,Amnesty International and the Trilateral Commission. The study concentrates on the debate on whether prostitution could be voluntary or has rather to be regarded in any case as a violation of women’s human rights. It also presents an overview of the policies on prostitution in the Member States as well as four case studies: Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. Conclusions are presented with the view to enhance the debate.In 'The End Of Prostitution' I will try to visualize and explain many societal institutions attempt to normalize prostitution, prostituted women are subjected to violence and abuse at the hands of paying “clients.” For the vast majority of prostituted women, “prostitution is the experience of being hunted, dominated, harassed, assaulted and battered.”It is “sexual terrorism against women at the hands of men and little is being done to stop the carnage.” Indeed, in “no other so-called profession are so many women murdered each year.”In my book I'm trying to show that prostitution is not a choice, as some claim. Survivors of prostitution have described it as “the choice made by those who have no choice.” Too often women are forced into prostitution by gender discrimination, race discrimination, poverty, abandonment, debilitating sexual and verbal abuse, lack of formal education, or a job that does not pay a living wage.

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