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Je Nathanaƫl is an endangered text. Neither essay nor poem nor novel nor sex-show, what it takes from language it gives back to the body.In Je Nathanaƫl, first published by BookThug in 2006, Nathanaƫl explores ways in which language constrains the body, shackles it to gender, and proposes instead a different way of reading, where words are hermaphroditic and transform desire in turn. Suggesting that one body conceals another, it lends an ear to this other body and delights in the anxiety it provokes. With parts written in French, other parts in English, this is truly a hybrid text, throwing itself into question as it acts upon itself in translation. It is both originator and recipient of its own echo. In this regard it does not, cannot exist, pulling insistently away from itself in an attempt to draw attention to the very things it seeks to conceal. In this way, Je Nathanaƫl is a book of paradox, negating itself as it comes into being.With an afterword by Elena Basile, and a postface by the author.

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